China Standard MB Udl Variable Adjustable Speed Hand Control Reducer, Stepless Variator Gear Box Between Worm Reductor and Motor Hot selling

Item Description

MB UDL Variable Adjustable Pace Hand Management Reducer, Stepless Variator Equipment Box Among Worm Reductor and Motor


1. High precision: .5-1
2. Vast speed range, the output pace ratio can be in 1/1.4 in between 1/7
3. Substantial in10sity and extended services life
four. Simple speed regulation
5. Steady work, smooth procedure, stable performance and minimal sound
6. Entire sealing and lower need for atmosphere
7. Compact group and small size.
eight. It is produced of high top quality aluminum alloy with stunning physical appearance, mild w8 and no rusting.
9. Excellent adaptability. UDL sequence repeatedly variable transmission can merge with variable reducer models to understand lower velocity ongoing variable speed.

Software areas: It can be extensively utilized in foods, packaging, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, papermaking, equipment equipment, transportation, and various sorts of automated manufacturing lines and transmission traces which require to modify speed.

Product picture:

Specification for ANG UDL gearbox:

Models Electricity Ratio O. Speed O.Torque O. Shaft Dia. O. Flange Dia.
UDL002 .18KW one.6~8.two 800~170rpm one.5~3N.m Φ11 Φ140
UDL005 .25KW one.4~7 a thousand~200rpm two.2~6N.m Φ14 Φ160
UDL005 .37KW 1.4~seven one thousand~200rpm three~6N.m Φ14 Φ160
UDL571 .55KW one.4~7 one thousand~200rpm four~8N.m Φ19 Φ200
UDL571 .75KW one.4~7 one thousand~200rpm 6~12N.m Φ19 Φ200
UD571 1.1KW one.4~7 1000~200rpm nine~18N.m Φ24 Φ200
UD571 one.5KW one.4~7 a thousand~200rpm twelve~24N.m Φ24 Φ200
UD030 2.2KW one.4~7 one thousand~200rpm eighteen~36N.m Φ28 Φ250
UD030 three.0KW one.4~7 one thousand~200rpm 24~48N.m Φ28 Φ250
UD030 4.0KW one.4~7 1000~200rpm 32~64N.m Φ28 Φ250
UD050 five.5KW 1.4~7 one thousand~200rpm forty five~90N.m Φ38 Φ300
UD050 seven.5KW 1.4~7 a thousand~200rpm fifty nine~118N.m Φ38 Φ300

Q: Can you make the gearbox with customization?
A: Sure, we can personalize for every your request, like coloration, shaft, material, and many others.

Q: Do you supply samples?
A: Yes. Sample is available for tests.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: It is 10pcs for the beginning of our company.

Q: What is actually your guide time?
A: Standard solution require 5-30days, a bit lengthier for tailored products.

Q: Do you offer technology support?
A: Indeed. Our company have design and development staff, we can give technological innovation assist if you

Q: How to ship to us?
A: It is offered by air, or by sea, or by train.

Q: How to pay out the m1y?
A: T/T and L/C is chosen, with distinct currency, including USD, EUR, RMB, and many others.

Q: How can I know the product is appropriate for me?
A: >1ST affirm drawing and specification >2nd take a look at sample >3rd start off mass generation.

Q: Can I arrive to your business to visit?
A: Yes, you are welcome to check out us at any time.

Q: How shall we speak to you?
A: You can send inquiry directly, and we will reply in 24 several hours.


We are knowledgeable transmission sellers and offer you a vast assortment of transmissions, an crucial component of numerous generate programs. Gearboxes can be utilised to reduce or increase pace, improve torque, reverse or alter the direction of a travel shaft. Gearboxes are also acknowledged as gear drives, velocity reducers, gear motors, pace reducers and gear reducers.
When searching at a reducer vs a gearbox, often the only distinction is terminology. This is due to the fact all reducers are gearboxes. Nevertheless, not all gearboxes are retarders. This may possibly sound complex, but it really is truly very basic. A reducer is a equipment set among the motor and the equipment. The goal of the reducer is to minimize the rotational pace transferred between these two endpoints. The reducer amplifies and multiplies the torque (input) produced by the motor. 2nd, a reducer, as the name implies, decreases the pace of the enter (output in rpm) so that the output is the appropriate velocity. The expression “gearbox” is just a generic phrase utilized for the gear train among the motor and the machine. Consequently, all reducers are gearboxes. However, not all gearboxes minimize input pace. Although unheard of, gearboxes can truly improve input speeds. By considerably the most common variety of gearbox is a retarder, but it would be incorrect to say that all gearboxes are retarders.

China Standard MB Udl Variable Adjustable Speed Hand Control Reducer, Stepless Variator Gear Box Between Worm Reductor and Motor     Hot selling