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Solution Description

Variable Pace Belt for Car Motor driving-3230V

Manufacturing description of CZPT Variable speed belt  

Information of CZPT rubber belts
–Substance: CR / HNBR
one. Out include of rubber impregnated material
two. Tension Wire
three. Filler Rubber
4. Foundation Rubber

Figures of CZPT variable pace belts  
*1: Variable pace belts have been developed especially for stepless variator drives. The belts are employed in the standard equipment or agricultural             equipment.
*2: The belt base is made up of a polychloroprene compound incorporating short fibers laid throughout the part to give strength and assistance.
*3: The extremely powerful, minimal stretch 10sion cord are levels of substantial-top quality rubber impregnated cloth.
*4: The unique foundation and the top cloth give the belt excellent resistance to section distribution although enabling it to bend about tiny sheaves.

TDS of CZPT variable pace belts
–Property of cogged raw edge belts

Take a look at Product Take a look at Outcome
Stress toughness (≥KN/twenty five.4mm) .fifty nine-ten.8 (in accordance to sorts)
Elongation (≤ % ) 4. (all types)
Loading (KN/twenty five.4mm) .49-8.sixty four (according to sorts)

Belt proportions

Types CZPT variable speed belts 

OEM support

Description of CZPT firm

ZheJiang CZPT TRANSMISSION BELTS CO.LTD., which is additional expanded from the existing HangZhou Ophte Rubber Co., Ltd., is geared up with more advanced technologies and exact gadgets. The manufacturing facility has been put into operation given that Aug., 2012, which handles an area of 33,000 sq. meters. CZPT is a modernized enterprise, integrating D&R, manufacturing and marketing and advertising. 
Given that its basis in 2004, our business has taken technology as the main, dedicated by itself to the development and application of new supplies and sophisticated technologies, and reached considerable final results. The quality of its product has been in the major stage of the very same sector in China. 

Workshop of OFT
We have independently created the HNBR CZPT timing belt, 1-phase vulcanized thickening coated PK belts with several alternatives in hues and CR wrapped belts with strengthened in10sity.

Shipping and delivery information
OFT cogged uncooked edge belts largely provide Aftermarkets, and a lot more than 90% of products are exported to Jap Europe, Western Europe, North The usa, Central and South The united states, Oceania, and so forth.

Totally free samples provided by OFT


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