China sales Chziri VFD 350kw 380V Frequency Inverter for Motor 50/60Hz factory

Product Description

ZVF300 Series AC Generate have the following purpose.
Skip frequency, Jog operate, Counter, Rotation velocity tracking, Momentary energy loss restart, Frequency upper/reduced limiting, Acceleration/ Deceleration method can be adjusted, Frequency meter and Voltmeter output, Multi-pace/ system working, Two wire method/ three wire mode handle, Wobble frequency management, Multi-purpose input terminal choice, Fault vehicle reset, RS485 serial interaction.

ZVF300 Collection frequency CZPT is appropriate for all types of units these kinds of as metallurgy, plastic,  textile machinery ,  paper production equipment, foodstuff equipment, petrification gear, drugs manufacture, metal and iron tools , printing system ,  packing equipment , blower admirer, water pump,hoisting products , building materials  and so on for driving  and dashing control of AC asynchronous motor .

spectification and technical indication

Item Item Description
Input Rated voltage& Frequency Single /Three period 220VAC . A few phase 380V.50Hz/60Hz
Allowable Voltage assortment Voltage fluctuate assortment:-20%~+twenty%
Voltage unbalance charge:<3%Frequency fluctuation:≤5%
Output Rated voltage a few stage ~  enter AC voltage
Frequency .00~600.00Hz
Overload capacity Kind G:one hundred fifty% 1minute,one hundred eighty% 1 next,two hundred% transient protection
Variety P:120% 1minute,150% 1 second,a hundred and eighty% transient safety
Manage Purpose Modulation method Ideal space voltage vector PWM modulation
Management mode Sensorless  vector management (SVC), V/F handle . Torque manage
Frequency accuracy
Electronic placing::Max. Frequency×±0.01%
Analog placing:Max. Frequency×±0.2%
Frequency resolution Electronic environment :.01HZ
Analog placing :Max. Frequency x0.1%.
Beginning frequency .00~ten.00Hz
Torque lift Computerized torque elevate: To elevate the torque automatically in accordance to the output existing.
Guide torque carry, Selection: .1_thirty.%
Slip payment Environment selection:~150%,The inverter output frequency can be auto-regulated inside of this variety according to the motor load, so as to reduce the speed variation of the motor due to load fluctuation.
Minutes/Seconds can be picked as time device ..1~3600 can be set in sequence .
CZPT frequency 1.~15.0KHz
Jog perform Jog frequency assortment:.01~600.00Hz,
Jog acceleration /deceleration time .1~3600. can be established.
V/F curve 1:linear curve2:quadratic3:user described V/F curve


Inverter Model Power
   Dimension (mm)
H H1 W W1 D d
ZVF300-G350/P400T4M 350/four hundred 640/690 1750   750   470  


Inverter Model  Power (kW ) Present(A) Packing Size (mm ) Gross Weight (kg) Net Weight (kg)
ZVF300-G350/P400T4M 350/400kW 380V 640/690 1940*870*570mm/1PCS 310kg 280kg

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Gearboxes are mechanical gadgets that aid push programs sustain optimum velocity and torque for programs. Also identified as gearboxes and gear drives, they lessen the rotational pace of the input shaft by a specific proportion and boost the electrical power delivered to the output shaft by the identical share. Ratio multipliers boost the deceleration and torque provided by the reducer by a particular ratio and are suited for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are accessories utilised with the reducer. They are usually utilized in applications where the reducer is not right connected to the push mechanism.

China sales Chziri VFD 350kw 380V Frequency Inverter for Motor 50/60Hz     factory