China manufacturer Ud Speed Variator Motor 1.5kw high quality

Product Description

The style of UDL sequence world cone-disk stepless speed variator compromises the sophisticated techCZPT equally at property and overseas&period 

The goods consist of the subsequent major traits&colon

one&rpar Substantial precision of velocity regulating for pace variator&commaUD gear box&colon up to &period5-1 spherical
2&rpar Big pace-altering assortment&colon the speed ratio ranges from 1&colon1&period4 to 1&colon7 freely
3&rpar Higher depth and prolonged serving time
4&rpar Practical to control pace
5&rpar Continuously workable&comma bidirectional operating course&commasmooth running&comma
stable&comma and peaceful
six&rpar Completely sealed and ideal to any atmosphere
seven&rpar Compact construction&comma modest dimensions
8&rpar Substantial quality aluminum alloy die-solid&comma sophisticated condition&comma gentle bodyweight and non-rusting
nine&rpar Excellent adaptability&colon can be merged with all kinds of reducers to attain low 
stepless pace modifying
10&rpar Input power&colon &period18-7&period5kW

UDL series planeet cone-disk stepless velocity variator are extensively employed for foodstuffs&comma ceramics&comma packing&comma chemical compounds&comma pharmacy&comma plastics&comma paper-generating&comma equipment-instruments&comma transportation&comma and all varieties of computerized manufacturing lines&comma pipelines and assembly strains which need to have pace-regulation&comma It is excellent companion for your production&period of time

Electricity Model I n2&lparr&solmin&rpar M2&lparNM&rpar
&period18kw UDL0&period18 one&period6-8&period2 880-a hundred and seventy one&period5~three
&period37kw UDL0&period37 one&period4-seven a thousand-two hundred three~six
&period55kw UDL0&period55 one&period4-7 one thousand-200 four~eight
&period75kw UDL0&period75 1&period4-seven a thousand-two hundred six~12
one&period1kw UD1&period1 1&period4-7 a thousand-two hundred nine~eighteen
one&period5kw UD1&period5 one&period4-7 1000-200 twelve~24
2&period2kw UD2&period2 1&period4-7 one thousand-200 eighteen~36
3kw UD3 1&period4-seven one thousand-two hundred 24~forty eight
4kw UD4 1&period4-7 one thousand-200 32-sixty four



Gearboxes go by many diverse names, including equipment drives, pace reducers, gear reducers, speed reducers, and gear motors. All terms are utilised interchangeably when referring to inline equipment reducers. Our inventory contains a extensive range of gear reducers for higher speed, substantial precision applications with enter speeds up to 4000 RPM.

China manufacturer Ud Speed Variator Motor 1.5kw     high high quality