China Hot selling CZPT Rubber Variable Speed Belts Toothed Transmission Belts – 1422V Engineering

Solution Description

OFT Rubber Variable Velocity Belts Toothed Transmission Belts – 1422V

Creation description of CZPT Variable pace belt  

Information of CZPT rubber belts
–Material: CR / HNBR
1. Out go over of rubber impregnated fabric
two. Stress Cord
3. Filler Rubber
4. Base Rubber

Characters of CZPT variable velocity belts  
*1: Variable velocity belts have been developed particularly for stepless variator drives. The belts are utilised in the basic machinery or agricultural             equipment.
*2: The belt base is composed of a polychloroprene compound incorporating short fibers laid throughout the part to give toughness and assist.
*3: The extremely powerful, lower stretch 10sion wire are levels of high-top quality rubber impregnated cloth.
*4: The unique foundation and the best material give the belt fantastic resistance to segment distribution whilst making it possible for it to bend all around tiny sheaves.

TDS of CZPT variable speed belts
–Home of cogged raw edge belts

Check Product Test End result
Pressure energy (≥KN/25.4mm) .fifty nine-10.8 (according to varieties)
Elongation (≤ % ) four. (all types)
Loading (KN/twenty five.4mm) .forty nine-8.sixty four (according to sorts)

Belt proportions

Types CZPT variable speed belts 

OEM support

Description of CZPT organization

ZheJiang CZPT TRANSMISSION BELTS CO.LTD., which is additional expanded from the existing HangZhou Ophte Rubber Co., Ltd., is outfitted with much more innovative technological innovation and correct gadgets. The factory has been set into operation because Aug., 2012, which addresses an location of 33,000 sq. meters. CZPT is a modernized enterprise, integrating D&R, manufacturing and advertising. 
Since its basis in 2004, our firm has taken technology as the core, dedicated by itself to the advancement and application of new components and sophisticated technologies, and accomplished considerable final results. The good quality of its merchandise has been in the foremost degree of the exact same business in China. 

Workshop of OFT
We have independently produced the HNBR CZPT timing belt, 1-stage vulcanized thickening coated PK belts with numerous selections in colours and CR wrapped belts with strengthened in10sity.

Delivery specifics
OFT cogged raw edge belts mainly provide Aftermarkets, and much more than 90% of items are exported to Jap Europe, Western Europe, North America, Central and South The us, Oceania, and many others.

Cost-free samples supplied by OFT


We are seasoned transmission sellers and offer a broad assortment of transmissions, an essential component of many drive systems. Gearboxes can be utilized to decrease or enhance pace, improve torque, reverse or change the direction of a push shaft. Gearboxes are also acknowledged as gear drives, pace reducers, equipment motors, speed reducers and equipment reducers.
Gearboxes are mechanical gadgets that assist travel techniques maintain ideal speed and torque for purposes. Also known as gearboxes and gear drives, they reduce the rotational pace of the input shaft by a certain percentage and increase the energy delivered to the output shaft by the identical share. Ratio multipliers increase the deceleration and torque offered by the reducer by a certain ratio and are ideal for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are components utilised with the reducer. They are generally utilized in applications where the reducer is not straight linked to the push system.

China Hot selling CZPT Rubber Variable Speed Belts Toothed Transmission Belts - 1422V     Engineering