China Good quality High Speed Napkin Box Cardboard Window Patching Machine Professional

Item Description

Large speed Napkin box cardboard window patching device


Design TC-1060 (Single Line)
Max.Paper Size(mm) 1100*630
Min.Paper Dimension(mm) a hundred and forty*one hundred forty
Max. Movie Measurement(mm) 410*300
Min.Film Measurement(mm) 80*sixty
Movie Thickness(mm) .05-.twenty
Max.Doing work Pace 7000s/h
Cardboard 200-500g/m2
Corrugated Paper ≤4mm
Electricity 380V  50HZ
Total W8 2700kg
Movie roll allows highest diameter φ500mm
Core diameter φ76mm
Total electricity supply  3-period 4-wire system 380V 50Hz
Control electricity source:  single stage 220V AC 24V DC
Set up capability 9. KW
All round Proportions(mm) 5000*1960*1750
(When the roller pull out) 5000*3200*1750
(Notice: 3200mm is the width dimension required to eliminate the rubberizing roller when cleansing the surface area of the rubberizing roller.
  1. Common Introduction:

TC-1060 Window Patching Device is extensively used in the film patching and reinforcement to the package deal with or CZPT the window of cellular ph1 box, liquor box, gift box, napkin box, CZPT box, toy box, milk circumstance and playing cards. The cardboard is two hundred-500g/m2 and also can attatched with the sticker punching, die chopping and creasing and so on. for the particular capabilities(Notice: Choosable for the unique functions). It can be employed for the purpose of the paper gluing, movie patching, movie cutting , creasing and clearing purpose.  

  1. Specialized Specification and configuration
  1. The equipment undertake the minimal voltage manage with the unbiased transformer (The machine get it itself) which make sure the device parts operate steady and dependable.
  2. The machine adopt Programmable Logic Controller and the Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-Equipment Interface.
  3. Enter the multifunctional software, plan and remodel for the additional features, examining is extremely hassle-free.
  4. Paper feeding adopt servo method which obtaining the large speed, inching paper feeding steady and exact .
  5. The low voltage comp1nts undertake the OMRON and the SCHNEIDER brand.
  6. Programmable Logic Controller , Frequency Converter, Sensor and Coding Device undertake the ZheJiang merchandise (substantial pace pulse) guarantee the equipment working efficiency high high quality.
  7. Principal motor and the servo motor undertake the CZPT model-Xihu (West Lake) Dis.Yuan
  8. Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-Equipment Interface adopt the CZPT model-XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.YUAN.
  9. The feeding belts and the chains undertake the CZPT brand name, steady and resilient, supply the top quality guarantee.
  10. The bearing undertake the Japan NSK and the CZPT brand name in domestic.
  11. The materials speak to to the paper adopt the non-harmful products, accord with the healthful security common.
  12. The gluing roller motor adopt the XIAMAN JOINT Undertaking items, frequency converter one control.
  13. Air suction operation system adopt imported impartial management lift to attain non-misprint,plenum punched belts with no adhesive.
  14. The entire frame undertake the total layout construction, when the device is in the managing operation, specially on the higher speed working, will not show up the resonance, deformation, shaking situation.
  15. Ring C1 Variator undertake the CZPT model domestic, the length of the movie can be adjustable, steady performance, precision exact. (Servo film offering can be choosable, handy for procedure)
  16. The complete equipment adopt the CZPT humanized style. Programmable Logic Controller, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n-Device Interface Photoelectric monitoring, central handle protection alarm, info file , acknowledging the automated managing method of the paper feeding, conveying gluing movie patching, film reducing , finishing.


  1. Characteristics by areas:
  1. Paper Feeding Component:


Adopting the unbiased servo system control, acknowledging the inching and the substantial velocity steady working condition.

  1. Conveying Component


Conveying paper regular by gluing wheel, Regulation push position, no creasing no scratch.

  1. Gluing Part

Adopting the unbiased reducer motor, frequency converter and the major motor synchronous realize halting equipment ,but non-cease gluing, the gluing volume can be adjustable

Adopting the Light roller, decreasing the running cost, the area is the stainless substance with the overlapping curve, the plate positioning is correct and convenient, remaining and proper and the 360° can be adjustable.


  1. Filming part: Adopting the principle of wind supply, the higher and reduce gaps of the roller are adjustable, and it performs with the wind chamber. It is easy to attain slim and thick paper (with independent turbine system).

E) Movie feeding segment: managed by servo motor. Each and every roller movie is mixed and conveyed, no scratches on the film, convenient dimensions adjustment, and exact film breaking.

  1. Paper Shipping elements


The patching merchandise conveying to the paper delivery plate, finish the paper accumulation and collection Paper shipping and delivery elements can be change divided.

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China Good quality High Speed Napkin Box Cardboard Window Patching Machine     Professional