China Good quality Chziri VFD High Efficiency 22kw Variable Frequency CZPT Zvf300-G022/P030t4m supplier

Solution Description

1.ZVF300 Series frequency CZPT is suited for all sorts of gadgets these kinds of as metallurgy, plastic,   textile equipment ,   paper producing machinery, food equipment, petrification equipment, drugs manufacture, steel and iron tools printing system ,  packing equipment , blower supporter, drinking water pump,hoisting products building materials  and so on for driving  and speeding control of AC asynchronous motor .

 ZVF300 Sequence frequency CZPT has the excellent impact energy conservation , fine pace adjustment overall performance , stable procedure  stable operation , electrical equipment comfortable begin, safeguard purpose and self diagnostics fault and other positive aspects.


Inverter Model Power
   Dimension (mm)
H H1 W W1 D d
ZVF300-G571/P030T4M 22/thirty forty five/sixty 460 443 260 177 268 six

Specification and Complex Indications

Item Product Description
Control Operate Computerized energy-preserving operation Vehicle optimize V/F curve according to the load adjustments to recognize the strength preserving procedure.
Vehicle voltage regulation(AVR) When the ne2rk voltage adjustments, it can control PWM output automatically to maintain constant voltage.
Constructed-in PID This can sort a convenient shut-loop management program (CLCS)and is relevant to strain manage, flow management and other approach control  .
Operation Purpose Running command Procedure panel handle ,external terminal manage and COM manage
Frequency setting Keypad po10tiometer environment , operation panel  setting,. external terminal UP/DOWN placing, analog voltage sign or exterior po10tiometer setting , analog existing signal location .terminal mix environment ,485 COM setting and so on.
Enter Sign Forward/Reverse signalmulti-pace signal fault signal
reset sign etc.
Output sign Programmable relayopen collector output Fault  signal output.
Multi-perform analog and digital output terminal This can recognize the output of frequency existing and other physical quantity by output -10V or -20mA DC sign and -10KHz digital sign output.
Braking operate Dynamic braking With an exterior braking resistor, the optimum braking torque could get to one hundred%.
DC Braking This can be selected when the motor begins or stops with the action frequency of -20Hz,motion current level of -100% and actuation time of -30sec., which can be set in sequence.
Other Purpose Skip frequencyJog functionCounter Rotation speed trackingMomentary electricity reduction restart Frequency higher/decrease limitingAcceleration/ Deceleration method can be modified Frequency meter and Voltmeter output Multi-velocity/ software running Two wire mode/ 3 wire mode control Wobble frequency controlMulti-purpose input terminal variety Fault vehicle resetRS485 serial conversation .
Protection Operate Input section reduction protectionOver present defense Overload protectionOver voltage protection Under voltage protectionOver heat safety ect.


Inverter Model  Power (kW ) Current(A) Packing Size  (mm ) Gross W8 (kg) Net W8 (kg)
ZVF300-G571/P030T4M 22/30kW 380V 45A 555*375*360mm/1PCS 26kg 21kg


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China Good quality Chziri VFD High Efficiency 22kw Variable Frequency CZPT Zvf300-G022/P030t4m     supplier