China 4KW to 5.5kw frequency inverter frequency variator VFD VSD speed drive invertor for industrial automatic machine worm gearbox back drive

Model Number: A500-4T4R0GB/5R5PB
Warranty: 18 months, 18 Months
Type: speed driver
Certification: CE/ISO9001
Size: 202*119*155mm
Customized: Yes
Control Mode: vector control
Rated Power: 4kw
Nominal Voltage: 380v
power phase number: 3
Product name: Variable Frequency Drive
Color: Black
Power: 4.0/5.5kw
Weight: 2.6kg
Protection: IP20
Input voltage: 380v
CONTROL MODEL: vector control
Application: Industrial Equipment
OEM: Support
Packaging Details: Carton Packaging

Products Description A500 seriesSynchronous motor open loop vector control driver. Can be used to drive synchronous motor, widely used in air compressor, cable, textile and hoist and other industriesOptimized vector control universal frequency converter, G/P in one. Can be used to drive asynchronous motor and torque motor,widely used in CNC machine tools, cable, paper making, lifting, lifting, fan water pump, petrochemical, air compressor, textilemachinery, plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery, stone machinery and other industries

DescriptionFrequency Inverter
Power Range0.4kw ~ 630kw
Voltage220v ~ 380v (Range -20% ~ 20%)
Phase No.1 ~ 3
Performance and features High stabilization accuracy and wide adjustment rangeSteady speed accuracy: ±0.5% (SVC)Speed ​​range: 1:200 (SVC) Torque response: ≤ customization Small Electric Coreless Gearbox Brush DC Motor For Adult Products, Sexual Products 40ms (SVC) Heavy load overload capacity: 110% rated stable operation, 150% rated load 1min, 180% rated load Excellent overcurrent suppression performanceSudden load, sudden load measured current waveformTypical application machine tools, mixers, ball mills, centrifuges, conveyor belt lights and other load mutation occasions High starting torque functionSpeed ​​torque test at full loadMotor output rated torque 102.4Nm at full load CZPT control speed fluctuation measured 0.2% SVCcontrol steady speed accuracy measured 0.4% Fast current limiting technologyMinimize the probability of inverter reporting overcurrent Instantaneous stop and non-stop functionIn the case of instantaneous power failure, the inverter will not stop. In the case of instantaneous power failure or suddenvoltage reduction, the inverter reduces the output speed, and compensates the voltage reduction through the load feedback energy,so as to maintain the inverter short time operation Industry-leading speed tracking performanceThe 0.3S realization belt is the direction speed tracking start. Typical applications Fans, punches and other occasions thatrequire speed tracking Applications Pump Fan Compressor Injection molding machine Digital controlled machine tool Textile machine Products details Naming rules and Nameplate A500 series specification
ModelInput voltageOutputcurrent (A)Matched motor(kw)Matched motor(kw)
A500-3SR4G1 phase: 220VRange:-15%~20%2.30.4173*96*140
A500-4TR75GB3 phase: 380VRange: -20%~20%2.10.75173*96*140
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Worm gear reducer

A worm gear reducer is a gear reducer that uses a worm gear train to reduce the required force. Unlike traditional gear reducers, these units are small and require low horsepower ratings. This reduces their efficiency, but their low cost and compact design help make up for this shortcoming. However, these gear reducers have some drawbacks, including their tendency to lock up when reversing.

high efficiency

High-efficiency worm reducers are ideal for applications where high performance, repeatability, and accuracy are critical. It consists of an input hypoid gear and an output hypoid bevel gear. The input worm rotates perpendicular to the output worm, so for every revolution of the input worm, the output gear makes one revolution. This arrangement reduces friction (another source of energy loss) in a high-efficiency worm gear to at least two arc minutes.
Compared with worm gear reducers, hypoid gearmotors offer several advantages, including lower operating costs and higher efficiency. For example, hypoid gear motors can transmit more torque even at high reduction ratios. Also, they are more efficient than worm gear reducers, which means they can produce the same output with a smaller motor.
In recent years, the efficiency of worm gear reducers has been dramatically improved. Manufacturers have made great strides in materials, design, and manufacturing. New designs, including dual-enveloping worm gear reducers, increase efficiency by 3 to 8 percent. These improvements were made possible through countless hours of testing and development. Worm gear reducers also offer lower initial costs and higher overload capability than competing systems.
Worm gear reducers are popular because they provide maximum reduction in a small package. Their compact size makes them ideal for low to medium-horsepower applications and they are reticent. They also offer higher torque output and better shock load tolerance. Finally, they are an economical option to reduce the device’s power requirements.

low noise

Low-noise worm gear reducers are designed to reduce noise in industrial applications. This type of reducer uses fewer bearings and can work in various mounting positions. Typically, a worm reducer is a single-stage unit with only one shaft and one gear. Since there is only one gear, the noise level of the worm gear reducer will be lower than other types.
A worm gear reducer can be integrated into the electric power steering system to reduce noise. Worm reducers can be made and from many different materials. The following three-stage process will explain the components of a low-noise worm reducer.
Worm gear reducers can be mounted at a 90-degree angle to the input worm shaft and are available with various types of hollow or solid output shafts. These reducers are especially beneficial for applications where noise reduction is essential. They also have fewer parts and are smaller than other types of reducers, making them easier to install.
Worm gear reducers are available from various manufacturers. Due to their widespread availability, gear manufacturers maintain extensive inventories of these reducers. The worm gear ratio is standard, and the size of the worm gear reducer is universal. Also, worm gear reducers do not need to be sized for a specific purpose, unlike other load interruptions.


A worm gear reducer is a transmission mechanism with a compact structure, large transmission ratio, and self-locking function under certain conditions. The worm gear reducer series products are designed with American technology and have the characteristics of stable transmission, strong bearing capacity, low noise, and compact structure. In addition, these products can provide a wide range of power supplies. However, these worm reducers are prone to leaks, usually caused by design flaws.
Worm gear reducers are available in single-stage and double-stage. The first type consists of an oil tank that houses the worm gear and bearings. The second type uses a worm gear with a sleeve for the first worm gear.
When choosing a gear reducer, it is essential to choose a high-quality unit. Improper gear selection can cause rapid wear of the worm gear. While worm gear reducers are generally durable, their degree of wear depends on the selection and operating conditions. For example, overuse, improper assembly, or working in extreme conditions can lead to rapid wear.
Worm reducers reduce speed and torque. Worm gears can be used to reduce the speed of rotating machines or inertial systems. Worm gears are a type of bevel gear, and their meshing surfaces have great sliding force. Because of this, worm gears can carry more weight than spur gears. They are also harder to manufacture. However, the high-quality design of the worm gear makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring high torque and high-speed rotation.
Worm gears can be manufactured using three types of gears. For large reduction ratios, the input and output gears are irreversible. However, the worm reducer can be constructed with multiple helices. The multi-start worm drive also minimizes braking effects.

Self-locking function

The worm reducer is self-locking to prevent the load from being driven back to the ground. The self-locking function is achieved by a worm that meshes with the rack and pinion. When the load reaches the highest position, the reverse signal is disabled. The non-locking subsystem back-drives the load to its original position, while the self-locking subsystem remains in its uppermost position.
The self-locking function of the worm reducer is a valuable mechanical feature. It helps prevent backing and saves the cost of the braking system. Additionally, self-locking worm gears can be used to lift and hold loads.
The self-locking worm gear reducer prevents the drive shaft from driving backward. It works with the axial force of the worm gear. A worm reducer with a self-locking function is a very efficient machine tool.
Worm gear reducers can be made with two or four teeth. Single-ended worms have a single-tooth design, while double-ended worms have two threads on the cylindrical gear. A multi-boot worm can have up to four boots. Worm reducers can use a variety of gear ratios, but the main advantage is their compact design. It has a larger load capacity than a cross-shaft helical gear mechanism.
The self-locking function of the worm reducer can also be used for gear sets that are not necessarily parallel to the shaft. It also prevents backward travel and allows forward travel. The self-locking function is achieved by a ratchet cam arranged around the gear member. It also enables selective coupling and decoupling between gear members.

high gear ratio

Worm reducers are an easy and inexpensive way to increase gear ratios. These units consist of two worm gears – an input worm gear and an output worm gear. The input worm rotates perpendicular to the output worm gear, which also rotates perpendicular to itself. For example, a 5:1 worm gearbox requires 5 revolutions per worm gear, while a 60:1 worm gearbox requires 60 revolutions. However, this arrangement is prone to inefficiency since the worm gear experiences only sliding friction, not rolling friction.
High-reduction applications require many input revolutions to rotate the output gear. Conversely, low input speed applications suffer from the same friction issues, albeit with a different amount of friction. Worms that spin at low speeds require more energy to maintain their movement. Worm reducers can be used in many types of systems, but only some are suitable for high-speed applications.
Worm gears are challenging to produce, but the envelope design is the best choice for applications requiring high precision, high efficiency, and minimal backlash. Envelope design involves modifying gear teeth and worm threads to improve surface contact. However, this type of worm gear is more expensive to manufacture.
Worm gear motors have lower initial meshing ratios than hypoid gear motors, which allows the use of smaller motors. So a 1 hp worm motor can achieve the same output as a 1/2 hp motor. A study by Nissei compared two different types of geared motors, comparing their power, torque, and gear ratio. The results show that the 1/2 HP hypoid gear motor is more efficient than the worm gear motor despite the same output.
Another advantage of the worm gear reducer is the low initial cost and high efficiency. It offers high ratios and high torque in a small package, making it ideal for low to medium-horsepower applications. Worm gear reducers are also more shock-resistant.
China 4KW to 5.5kw frequency inverter frequency variator VFD VSD speed drive invertor for industrial automatic machine     worm gearbox back drive	China 4KW to 5.5kw frequency inverter frequency variator VFD VSD speed drive invertor for industrial automatic machine     worm gearbox back drive
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